About us

Counseling services have been available for almost a decade behalf of Art & Arch and Human-Service as service providers. In 2011 we extended our range of services by offering 'classic' private counseling to non-traditional areas with a new approach to mental health.

As a first step we introduced flexible complex packages to corporate businesses and to post-secondary schools/colleges, wherever people at times may be in need of mental health guidance or support.

For businesses particular, where traditionally soft-skill trainings and coaching dominate the cooperation between employees and employers, the response to our fresh look at performance-based personalized methods (as an outsourced service) were received with doubts behalf of executives, however, in a few weeks our programs could become popular, accepted and recognized. Similarly, in private post-secondary schools and colleges, - where student counseling services are not available - we offer free of charge counseling for up to 6-8 sessions per person. Working with young adults in these institutions is indeed a very rewarding task for us mental health professionals.

Human-Service now stands on three legs (servicing students of private schools/colleges; offering mental health counseling for corporations and providing community mental health for the general public in two locations.) We are now connected to multiple businesses in the Budapest area, and in 2012 we have started forming partnerships with global insurance companies. Nevertheless, our focus still continues to anker on the individual and his/her life-experiences, to advocate personal growth and development with a passion.

- Individual counseling
- Support group counseling
- Online Skype-based counseling
- On-campus student counseling
- Assessment center services
- Int. student adjustment programs
- Study-group/study-buddy services
- Student screenings
- Drop-out prevention
- Learning techniques - workshops
- SAM-buddy peer-mentoring system
- Alumni systems
- Staff trainings/education
- Student support groups
- Employee-mental health counseling
- CSR programs and events
- Corporate trainings/workshops
- Family-friendly work environment
- Employee surveys
- Organization-development
- Online trainings
- Event MH counseling
- Program for shopping centers
- SAM-buddy employee mentoring
- Mini-workshop psych-ed
- Employee support groups