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Workplace Mental Health Counseling Services

Service fees & packages

Individual/group counseling fees:

For individual counseling (on any of our locations) we charge 9800 HUF/hour
For group counseling (on any of our locations) we charge 5000 HUF/90 minute-sessions
For online (web-based) counseling sessions we charge 9800 HUF/hour

(Office hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. On weekends and off hours an additional 100% is charged above the regular fee.)

Employee- and Student-counseling services

CORP-COUNSELING and UNI-COUNSELING programs are charged by the hour! It includes all costs associated with on-site counseling work (e.g.: traveling costs, documentation etc.) We are also prepared to offer once a week, or bi-weekly or once a month service upon request.

Online student counseling services: 8900 HUF/hour
In Budapest (on-site F2F) we charge: 8900 HUF/hour
In Pest county (on-site F2F) we charge: 9800 HUF/hour
In 100 km range from BP weekly/bi-weekly/monthly settings F2F we charge 12000 HUF/hour.
Above 100 km range from BP weekly/bi-weekly/monthly settings F2F we charge 15000 HUF/hour.

(Outside of Pest county we require the minimum 6-8 hours per/occasion on-site presence.)

See our package offers specifically designed for educational institutions in the Budapest area here!

Cost of corporate trainings

Corporate soft-skill trainings (in person) are charged by 'full day' bases:

- 1 day (8 active hour) training costs: 300.000 HUF/trainer
- 2 day (16 active hour) training costs: 480.000 HUF/trainer
For extended training series (40 hours or more) we charge: 6000 HUF/hour in the greater Budapest area, elsewhere: 8000 HUF/hour for traditional on-site trainings. Keep in mind that location and catering are not included in our service charge.

LIVE - online module-based training programs

40 hour long online course module on intercultural communication (1-50 users/licence) costs: 550.000 HUF
40 hour long online course module of personal growth and self-awareness (1-15 users/licence) with 10 hours of individualized (in-person) coaching costs: 580.000 HUF

Organizational development & consultation fees

OD consultation fees calculated on hourly basis: 20.000 HUF/hour. The specifics of individual projects will determine the final cost of a particular development. Please let us know if you have an OD project in mind!

(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility programs - "mental-health day" for businesses

We provide full corporate events (family day programs, theme-based events) relating to mental, emotional and physical health. Please, tell us, what you have in mind.

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