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Mental Health Counseling Services

HUMAN-SERVICE (HS) is a fast-growing service provider

of outsourced community mental health counseling services. HS took up the challenge to provide a wide range of innovative services to corporations and colleges/universities where internal mental health counseling is not accessible or available. Our goal is to offer culturally sensitive value-based mental health counseling to employees/students onsite/on-campus and for the general public in English and Hungarian languages by mental health professionals and psychologists.

We are committed to provide our partners (institutions and companies) with additional support for all in the form of preventive programs, screening, personalized coaching and a lot more.

We also provide community counseling services for all who struggle with issues, have difficulties in his/her life phase or simply wish to expand on self-awareness. For them, we are now present at more convenient locations in Budapest.

Which branch of services are you interested in?

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- Individual counseling
- Support group counseling
- Online Skype-based counseling
- On-campus student counseling
- Assessment center services
- Int. student adjustment programs
- Study-group/study-buddy services
- Student screenings
- Drop-out prevention
- Learning techniques - workshops
- SAM-buddy peer-mentoring system
- Alumni systems
- Staff trainings/education
- Student support groups
- Employee-mental health counseling
- CSR programs and events
- Corporate trainings/workshops
- Family-friendly work environment
- Employee surveys
- Organization-development
- Online trainings
- Event MH counseling
- Program for shopping centers
- SAM-buddy employee mentoring
- Mini-workshop psych-ed
- Employee support groups